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If you live in Wichita Falls TX and are looking for a tree service to help you with tree pruning, cutting, stump removal or any landscaping work  look no further. We are a professional landscaping company and can help you with anything your garden might need. 

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    Professional Landscaping for Residential & Commercial Properties

    Residential houses as well as commercial properties and buildings , are often in need of tree services. Property owners find that they have trees which need to be trimmed, removed or pruned as well as stumps removed. We can perform all of these Wichita Falls TX tree services in and more.

    Like with the residential tree services, we can also maintain or remove trees on commercial properties.

    Area We Serve

    We provide tree service for Wichita Falls, Lakeside City, Scotland, Dean, Cashion Community, Electra, Archer City, Henrietta, Iowa Park, Kamay, Holliday, Vernon and more just give us a call!

    Emergency Tree Services in Wichita Falls TX

    If it looks like one of your trees or branches might cause damage to your property or endanger other people, you should contact our emergency services right away. We’ll send a qualified tree surgeon to your property to eliminate the threat before it causes damage or injury. 

    A lot of other services throughout the state lack modernized equipment to do this work properly. Our company is equipped with all the latest education, equipment and experience to ensure that your tree problem is resolved quickly and safely. It doesn’t matter if you’re a commercial or residential property owner.

    Here is a more comprehensive list of our services:

    We provide our services to all the boroughs of the Wichita Falls, TX. We employ only arboreal specialists who can offer professional services. Our rates are competitive while having one of the quickest response times compared to other landscaping services in this area.

    Tree Pruning & Trimming

    expert pruning a treeMost trees in urban areas need to be pruned from time to time. If you are a property owner who wants your trees and/or garden to look presentable or if you have a branch that may cause damage to the property please let us help.

    Pruning also helps sustain the integrity of the tree’s structure making the tree last and live longer in addition to preventing potential damage to ones property.

    Tree Removal

    man cabling a treeOccasionally property owner may want trees removed from land to make room for a building or structure. Regardless of how many trees or shrubs you need removed, we have the proper experience and equipment to make sure it is done quickly, safely and affordably. 

    In addition, we can also remove stumps after the trees are removed. Stumps may get in the way of mowing your lawn, constructing structures, or performing recreational activities outside. We are fully equipped with special tool to grind away stumps, especially stumps in tough to reach locations. 

    Tree Cabling

    You don’t always have to remove trees that are in bad shape. If you notice a tree that is not growing correctly but is still intact, then you can use a cabling system to support the tree structure and keep it growing upright. Our tree specialists will examine your tree to see if there are defects anywhere. If we find a defect, we’ll determine the best course of action for keeping your tree supported.

    If we find that a cabling system is necessary, it’ll involve the use of high strength steel cables and galvanized eyebolts. The cables will be placed up where the tree canopy is located. If there are weak tree branches, rods or braces will be used to support them. Braces offer extra tree support against windy or stormy weather conditions.

    When we install cables and braces as part of a tree supplemental support system, we do so in accordance with the A300 Standard for Tree Care Operations of the American National Standards Institute. It is recommended that our arborists come by every year and check on the tree being supported by the cabling system. 

    Landscaping Consultation

    tree removal with craneDo you think that you, your property or business need professional landscaping or tree services? If you’d like to discuss the condition of your trees and what might need to be done to them, we offer tree consultation services to all customers. 

    It will give us a chance to examine your trees and come up with the best solution for them. 

    Planting in Wichita Falls TX

    beautiful home landscapingWe are always happy when people want to plant trees on their property. It gives you the option to choose a specific tree to plant. Once the tree is planted by our team, all you need to do is care for it. 

    We can also provide follow-up care if necessary. If you can treat your tree well, then it will grow to maturity and offer you fruit, aesthetics or whatever other reason you wanted to grow it. Consider an investment in tree planting to be a lifelong investment.